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I offer personalised and confidential counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis and coaching for you to achieve your goals for Healing, Change and Growth

Welcome to my site which describes who I am and provides information about seeking help from myself and other sources.

I assist you to heal unresolved emotional pain, change unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and achieve growth and peace of mind. I know that you have the answers and resources within yourself to develop your strengths and achieve your potential. For ways I work with you, please see My Services.

Emotions are key in therapy, learning how to experience, identify, express and regulate them is very important, see About Emotions

I am no longer taking on new clients as I am gradually winding down my psychology practice. However, I will offer presentations and talks on the topics in my personal development book, published in November 2019:

Ignite Your Power: Unmasking the Five Faces of Anger

My new website is evedyer.com.au.

Please join me there for information about the book, as well as my blogs, and audio and YouTube clips.

What I offer you…

HEALING - from anxiety, panic, past abuse, depression, grief, other issues

CHANGE - to transform unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and achieve self-confidence, assertiveness and belief in yourself

GROWTH - to live more fully and authentically, and enjoy contentment and peace of mind

My registrations and qualifications…

I am a clinical psychologist and hypnotist with many years of clinical training and experience as a psychologist and organisational consultant. I combine the powerful approaches of evidence-based Western clinical training with the wisdom of Eastern meditative practices.

B. Psychology (Hons), M. Clinical Psychology
Dip. Clinical Hypnosis, Dip. Ego State Therapy
Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training
MAPS, M.APS College of Clinical Psychologists

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Distress is the gap between the way you want things to be and the way they are.

Healing is from the inside out, like any wound, not the
outside in.

Eve Dyer